Review #102: The Bohicas – The Making Of

Artist – The Bohicas
Album – The Making Of (2015)

Check it out –

The Bohicas are an indie rock band from Essex, UK. The band are led by Dominic McGuinness – vocals/guitar and consist of members Dominic John – guitar, Adrian Acolatse – bass and Brendan Heaney – drums. Initially forming in the late 2000s the band were called Swanton Bombs, they soon rebranded and in 2014 changed their name to The Bohicas. Currently with just an E.P and a few hit singles the band have come to perform a few higher profile shows and finally decided to release their debut effort ‘The Making Of’.

With Royal Blood, Marmozets, Drenge, Rolo Tomassi & Slaves (just to name a few) rising in popularity we have been given a new wave of interesting and aggressive rock bands. It seemed like The Bohicas were going to join these bands due to their previous releases … however if this album is anything to go by this will not be the case. ‘Swarm’ and ‘XXX’ featuring on the bands E.P seemed like potential for something great, however these songs have been brought over to the album and now become the best of a bland bunch. The guitars incorporate simplistic indie chord voicings/progressions, the vocals at times are enjoyable but add nothing out of the norm to the indie rock scene and the rhythm sections mainly follows straight 4/4 patterns that push neither the performers ability to perform or the listeners involvement/interest. As mentioned, ‘Swarm’ is probably the best track, something of an adequate indie-rock song, but still seen by myself as a foundation of previous work that was going to progress with their debut album.

‘The Making of’ is indie rock in style, tone and instrumentation, but adds nothing new, interesting, inventive or catchy at least, to join the ranks of the previously mentioned bands and eventually make it with the likes of the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ or ‘The Strokes’, whom had that little extra.



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