Local Music Reviews #13: Sunflower Thieves // Good Hustles // Beau Presley



Sunflower Thieves
Hide And Seek (Single)

Sunflower Thieves are a Leeds-based pop-folk duo. ‘Hide And Seek’ is the duo’s most recent single, and it provides all the trappings we’ve come to love from a Sunflower Thieves song. A warm/summery vibe washes over the song, represented in it’s relaxed tempo and minimal instrumentation. The duo’s vocal harmonies flow seamlessly throughout ‘Hide And Seek’, given plenty of space to breathe by the guitar, bass and percussion. I particularly enjoyed the modern take the production took on their folk sound, mixing acoustic guitars and bass, with a programmed kick and (i believe?) reversed snare or shaker of some sort. ‘Hide And Seek’ is a lovely addition to Sunflower Thieves growing catalogue, go give it a listen from the link below.


Good Hustles
Everything Is Going to Be Totally Great Forever  (2 Tracks)

Good Hustles are a rock band from Nottingham. Returning with two brand new songs in a collection called ‘Everything Is Going to Be Totally Great Forever’, the band keep to their rock roots, but shift every so slightly in tone, incorporating elements of punk-rock. This new sound creeps in during opening track ‘Outside’, but really comes to light on the second song ‘Run Out’, showcased through it’s highly energetic rhythm section, passionately delivered gang vocal sections and quick staccato guitar melody, very reminiscent of punk-rockers Rise Against. The production fits the music perfectly, with it’s crunchy guitars, deep bass & chest pumping kick & snare, an aggressive sound to fit an aggressive performance. I’m a huge fan of the direction Good Hustles have taken with these new songs and look forward to hearing more. Give their new songs a listen below.


Beau Presley
Duly Noted (Disregarded) – Single

Beau Presley is a singer-songwriter from Long Eaton, Derbyshire. At just 15 years old Beau has produced a very mature sound through his second single ‘Duly Noted (Disregarded)’, one that manages to mould Jazz and indie elements. The chords and effects used on the electric guitar bring to mind the recent popular sound of artists like Mac Demarco, whilst Beau’s vocal delivery reminds us of the swagger of Alex Turner and Carl Barat. The Rhythm section displays a fantastic sense of timing, hitting certain accents and skipping beats, which dynamically keeps the listener intrigued and attentive throughout. ‘Duly Noted (Disregarded)’ is a brilliant follow up single for Beau, go check out his music below.

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