Local Music Reviews #11: Cameron Sinclair Harris // Pretty Babs // Megatrain


Pretty Babs
Old Town (Single)

Pretty Babs are a Nottinghamshire based band, formed in 2016. One album, one E.P and now 3 singles in, Pretty Babs have been working tirelessly to release a wealth of material for their rapidly growing fan base. ‘Old Town’ is the bands latest single, and it’s pure Rock ‘n’ Roll fun. Kicking off the track (and featuring throughout in a few variations) is the main guitar riff, instantly bringing to mind that classic rock vibe of bands like AC/DC and Wolfmother (I know Wolfmother aren’t that classic). The track carries on it’s classic rock theme with a belter of a guitar solo (lot’s of stylistically appropriate unison bends), a simple but tight/synchronised rhythm section from Brad & Liam and well written lyrics featuring hotels, railway tracks and women, which are crucial in a song of this style!
Big shout out to Ben Marshall Productions on the fantastic job he’s done on this song and previous tracks we’ve reviewed ‘Angel’ by Kelsey and the Embers and ‘Modern Day’ by The Fine Art Society.


Cameron Sinclair Harris
Sharp Shoe Hustle (Single)

Cameron Sinclair Harris is a solo artist from Nottingham. ‘Sharp Shoe Hustle’ is the new single by cameron, featuring B-side ‘Think I’m Gonna Laugh Now’. It’s been a couple years since the last release from Cameron, having taken some time off to try out different projects, but we’re happy to see him back with such a fantastic new song. Instrumentally the song keeps itself very simple, relying mainly on the vocals, acoustic guitar, a very interesting dissonant piano melody repeated throughout & a short moment of programmed strings. The vocal performance on ‘Sharp Show Hustle’ stood out to me most, very melancholic in it’s delivery, with a fantastic sense of control and some beautiful use of camerons falsetto. ‘Sharp Shoe Hustle’ is a true DIY piece, providing not much in terms of production, but done on purpose, as I feel the song could have easily felt over-done. Give Cameron’s new song a listen from the link below.


Car Crashes (Single)

Megatrain is a collaboration of songwriters Felix M-B and Tiger. The bands 5th single ‘Car Crashes’ is a masterpiece in songwriting, delicately matching an instrumentally upbeat/joyful sound with rather downbeat/deep lyrics. The song dynamically lifts and dips, introducing a half-time segment at one point, which helps keep the interest of the listener. ‘Car Crashes’ delivers a melting pot of sounds and styles, from the unique combination of both members vocal harmonies, the Smashing Pumpkins-esque guitar solo and the overall Rocky Horror Picture Show sound that couldn’t escape my thoughts throughout. Megatrain are one of the most interesting and eclectic bands in Nottingham at the minute, so do go check their music out from the link below.

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