Local Music Reviews #12: Jake Burns // George Gadd // Michael Vickers



Jake Burns
California Bound (Single)

Jake Burns is a singer-songwriter from Nottinghamshire. ‘California Bound’ is the follow up to Jake’s very successful debut single ‘Ocean Away’, and in fact one of the first songs Jake wrote. Most singer-songwriter type songs tend to be reflective, looking at what was, whether it be past relationships or family issue, however ‘California Bound’ is focused on what could be, an idyllic trip across California. Jake’s appreciation for California and the USA reflects not just in the lyrics, but also in the music, showcased through the fingerpicking patterns, very mellow vocal delivery and reverb tinged guitar solos found within the early Americana, country and folk sound. The production on ‘California Bound’ is very warm and rich, instantly transporting you to that Cadillac cruising down one of the USA’s sun drenched highways. Go listen to ‘California Bound’ now through the link below.


George Gadd
Drinking Buddies (E.P)

One E.P and two singles in (as far as Spotify shows), George has now embarked on a slightly more collaborative endeavour, which seems needed during this time of social distancing. ‘Drinking Buddies’ is a weekly updated e.p/album of covers by George and some of his closest musical friends, featuring such songs as ‘Fortitude’ by Arms & Hearts and ‘Valentine’ by The Get Up kids. George has done a fantastic job of arranging these songs with a more minimalistic/acoustic sound in mind, focusing simply on the lead vocals, backing vocals (provided by Chloe Hawes, Ellis Thomas and many more), acoustic guitar and some synths and programmed drums. On top of the community spirit this collection displays through it’s music, the E.P’s proceeds are also going towards local NHS charities, an especially important cause at the moment. Do go have a listen to this exciting project (only available on Bandcamp.com, link below) and donate to this fantastic cause.



Michael Vickers
Wanted You To Know (Single)

Michael Vickers is a singer-songwriter from Leicester. ‘Wanted You To Know’ is Michael’s follow-up single to his 2019 E.P release ‘Sober in Five Minutes’. Tonally ‘Wanted You To Know’ is quite uplifting, initially introducing a simple & bouncy fingerpicked acoustic guitar pattern, along with Michael’s drone like vocals. The song grows from this quiet start, adding some subtle organ and backing vocals, until it erupts into a full band second half, featuring drums, electric guitar, a now strummed acoustic guitar and dynamic shift in Michael’s vocal delivery to a bellow. Lyrically ‘Wanted You To Know’ focuses on the importance of communication in a relationship and how we can often be misinterpreted, interpreting one persons views in a succinct way. Have a listen to Michael Vicker’s latest single below.

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