Local Music Reviews #10: Joey Collins // Reflekter // Kelsey and the Embers


Joey Collins
Sertraline Dreams (Single)

Joey Collins is a singer-songwriter from Nottingham. ‘Sertraline Dreams’ is Joey’s most recent single from a long line of releases in the past couple of years. Joey cites Grunge as being a huge influence on him and his music, and when listening to this song one track from one extremely popular Grunge band came to mind, ‘Something In The Way’ by Nirvana. Joey’s performance on ‘Sertaline Dreams’ is very emotive, drifting from the subtle, almost whispering, vocal style of ‘Something In The Way’, to a powerful bellow, displaying dynamically the depths in this songs lyrics. Instrumentally the song remains very simple, containing just a few guitar tracks smothered in some interesting effects. This simplicity works perfectly with the tone of the song, anything more would take away from the vocal delivery and story the lyrics are telling. ‘Sertraline Dreams’ is a very important and unique song in Joey’s catalogue and needs to be heard, so check it out in the link below.


Machine (Single)

Reflekter are an rock/indie band from Nottingham. “Machine’ is the 5th in a line of fantastic singles the band have been releasing the past year or so. Initially this new single brought to mind bands like The Black Keys, utilising a simple but effective rhythm section to keep a tight base & a 60s blues rock fuzz ridden guitar riff to drive the song sonically. Jame’s vocals swagger through the track, delivering the story of a person stuck in their day to day routine, which will resonate with many. Midway through the song breaks into an instrumental section, which carries on till this end. I’d describe this section as organised chaos, something that wouldn’t go a miss at a Stone Roses gig, the instruments playing off of each other & giving the guitar enough time to breath between each lick. Reflekter are one of Nottinghams most interesting rock bands at the minute and show a huge amount of potential, so go give their new single a listen below.


Kelsey and the Embers
Angel (Single)

Kelsey and the Embers are a band from Nottingham, headed up by lead singer & guitarist Kelsey Shaw, Bassist & singer Aaliyah Raffell, guitarist Nathan Johnston and drummer Adam Shaw. ‘Angel’ was set to debut on the bands first E.P, but this little lockdown had other plans, hence it’s release as a single to pass the time. If anything is going to get you hyped for the bands upcoming E.P its going to be this, a song featuring a huge pop-rock sing-a-long chorus, very well crafted lyrics and nicely composed harmonies from the two singers. ‘Angel’ sticks to a basic pop structure, but keeps the listener keen through its dynamic range instrumentally, mainly displayed through drummer Adam’s sense of when to hold back, drive the song and switch things up rhythmically. Lead singer Kelsey has proven in her previous tracks to be a strong songwriter, but lyrically ‘Angels’ has raised the bar. The ability to write an interesting verse with meaning and a catchy chorus passes a lot of songwriters by, usually its either or, but Kelsey has managed both, whilst also keeping the vocal melodies interesting throughout and following the dynamic complexity of the instrumentation. ‘Angel’ is another fantastic song by the band, so give it a listen and keep an eye out for the release of their debut E.P some point this year.

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