Review #191: Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

Artist – Radiohead
Album – A Moon Shaped Pool (2016)

Check it out –


Radiohead are a rock band from Oxfordshire, UK. The band formed in 1985 and consist of members Thom Yorke – vocals/guitar, Jonny Greenwood – guitar/keys, Colin Greenwood – bass, Phil Selway – drums and Ed O’Brien – guitar/vocals and Ed Balls – trombone/triangle. The band instantly gained popularity after the release of their debut single ‘Creep’, still too this day one of the bands most popular tracks. Over their 21 year career Radiohead have released numerous hit singles, performed legendary live shows (headlining Glastonbury twice) and released critically acclaimed albums (Kid A, OK Computer). After some obscure tweets and crumb trail messaging, Radiohead have released their 9th studio album. This is ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.

Radiohead have managed to repeatedly throughout their career write albums which combine the “pop” song with the self-indulgent/experimental song, in a way which keeps the listener interested, whilst also feeling like they’ve digested something of substance … this album being no different. The band intertwine odd rhythms, dissonant strings and haunting backing vocals with quite typical singer-songwriter lyrics and beautifully played fingerstyle guitar, creating overall moody but memorable moments, for instance in the song ‘Present Tense’. Radiohead bring the mood down to a sombre crawl with one of my particular favourite songs ‘Glass Eyes’, a track which features a mellow but emotional orchestral sound, mixed with Thom Yorke’s beautiful vocal tone. The track ‘Burn The Witch’ has to be mentioned, the first track to be released and the first on this album, it features one of my favourite videos of the last year and brings together all the sounds that are about to feature on ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, orchestral moments, synths and the general rock band sound.

It feels like ‘A moon Shaped Pool’ has been created with the bands earlier material in mind over their newer albums, a piece of work that the fans have been calling for, that of memorable music, music which flows through as one, yet still has radiohead intricacies.


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