Local Music Reviews #1: Michael Goodwin // Fionas Run // Brad Dear // Anonymous

In collaboration with Roots Acoustic Music I will be reviewing local artists albums and E.Ps from around the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area. These reviews will be featured in the new Roots magazine, which can be found in any of their venues.



Fionas Run
Colour of Sound

‘Colour of Sound’ delivers a collection of energetic and upbeat tracks, which throughout display the bands ability to create memorable lyrics and interesting hooks. The enthusiastic vocal delivery and delay driven guitar melodies in tracks such as ‘Pictures’ feels reminiscent of stadium pop rock bands like Coldplay, whilst the heavier and faster paced tracks like ‘Left At The Alter’ remind the listener of older Bloc Party releases. Amongst all these influences there is something unique to Fionas Run which sets ‘Colour of Sound’ apart from the vast amount of pop-rock albums around today.

Michael Goodwin

Michael Goodwin’s latest E.P begins extremely strong with the dynamic track ‘Answers’, a song which has the swagger of recent Arctic Monkeys and the expressive smooth vocal tone of James Bay. Contrast in style comes in the form of ‘To Be Young’, a simple song instrumentally featuring just vocals and acoustic, delivering a very subtle yet emotionally powerful performance. The rest of the E.P flows along with equally intriguing songs and moments, displaying Michael’s grasp of composition and lyric writing in mature and creative ways throughout.

What You Deserve

Anonymous have managed to inject the relentless energy of their live sets into the sound of their latest E.P. ‘What You Deserve’ is a tour de force of  face melting solos, fast paced beats and authentic classic rock riffs. Powerful vocal performances on songs such as ‘Will You Ever Learn’ draw parallels with the delivery of singers like Myles Kennedy (Alterbridge), whilst the blues infused riffs, along with the use of effects on ‘What You deserve’, hold their own amongst some of Slash’s or Tom Morello’s most famous tracks.

Brad Dear
The Only Road I Know

Brad Dear combines beautifully crafted songs with heartfelt lyrics to produce a 5 track original, yet traditional sounding, folk-rock E.P ‘The Only Road I Know’. Brad’s E.P glides through dynamically dropping & rising in tone/style to keep the listener interested. We go from ‘Far Away’, a softer track with a range of intertwining String melodies, to ‘I’m Still Here’, a track which instantly injects a bit of energy into the proceedings with its distorted guitar and faster tempo. The style, vocal tone and instrumentation of this E.P I feel draw heavily on albums like ‘Harvest’ by Neil Young … a comparison which I’m sure any act would be happy with.

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