Review #138: Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

Artist – Wolf Alice
Album – My Love Is Cool (2015)

Check it out –

Wolf Alice ... My Love is Cool (Dirty Hit).

Wolf Alice … My Love is Cool (Dirty Hit).

Wolf Alice are an alternative rock band from London, UK. The four piece formed in 2010 and consists of Ellie Rowsell – vocals/guitar, Joff Oddie – guitar/vocal, Theo Ellis – bass and Joel Amey – drums/vocals. Wolf Alice released their first single ‘Fluffy’ and E.P ‘Blush’ in 2013, which were met with critical praise. The bands second E.P ‘Creature Songs’ was released in 2014 and featured the song ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’, this song gaining a Grammy nomination for best rock performance and therefore boosting the bands commercial popularity. Wolf Alice have now developed and grown enough as a band to release their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’.

A lot of bland and boring alternative/indie rock albums have been released this year by bands past it or ones simply following a trend … Wolf Alice’s ‘My Love Is Cool’ is not one of these, far from it actually.The album starts with ‘Turn To Dust’, an acoustic-ish track with a hint of irish folk about the vocals, creating a kind of calm before the storm feeling. This album I feel is hugely dynamic in its layering and range of styles. Each track builds in instrumentation and depth of backing vocal harmonies, whilst also building from calmer folkier songs to truly grunge inspired tracks, featuring overdriven guitars and explosive vocal moments. ‘Freazy’ has become one of the more popular tracks on the album, possibly due to its catchy vocal melodies and focus on the drum beat more than anything else. The vocals on this track also remind me closely of CHVRCHES vocalist Lauren Mayberry, but far more confident in delivery.

‘My Love Is Cool’ is certainly one of the best rock albums out this year. It contains a very even mix of quiet and chaotic tracks that diversify in genre and tone very well and display a wealth of instrumentation that I feel has been lacking on many other rock albums this year. Each song is extremely well written and easily evokes some kind of emotion in the listener.


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