Local Music Review #8: Eyre Llew/In the endless zanhyang we are – Carrier


EYRE LLEW/In The Endless Zanhyang We Are

E.P – Carrier

Eyre Llew are an ambient-rock trio from Nottingham … so quite local. In The Endless Zanhyang We Are are from South Korea … not so local. Both bands formed a strong bond whilst embarking on an international tour exchange, which saw the local Notts lads perform across Asia pacific (Japan, China, Singapore) & In The Endless Zanhyang We Are perform at some of the UK’s best venues/festivals. The ambient nature of each bands music & the comradery between the band members then led to the idea of a collaborative E.P, 2 songs by EYRE LLEW, 2 songs by In The Endless Zanhyang We Are & a collaborative song. Here’s Carrier.

Carrier opens with the track Silo, a beautiful introduction to the E.P, slowly building from a single piano melody to the introduction of lead singer Sam’s incredible falsetto vocals and finally the culmination of all three members causing only what I can describe as organised chaos. Next comes a song called Bloc, a song which brought me back to my first time seeing a band called Nordic Giants. The music by this band manages to bring you to your darkest places, but then also lift you to your happiest, and that is what the song Bloc evokes. Like many of EYRE LLEW’s songs Bloc takes you on a journey, the song almost surrounds you.

The third song on the e.p is Moeve, a song EYRE LLEW & In The Endless Zanhyang We Are collaborated on. The subtle differences between each bands sound flows so well into each other, displaying the way in which music can brings us together, despite different locations, cultures, beliefs. EYRE LLEW bring their use of dynamics on all instruments, whilst new electronic elements are added and the interchange of both bands vocalists works very well.

The last two songs are contributed by In The Endless Zanhyang We Are, a far grungier band with a tad less reverb. This band was new to me, which i suppose was the point of the e.p, to collaborate and promote each other to a new audience. Both songs brought me back to my younger years, being a fan of smashing pumpkins, sonic youth and so on. Interesting guitar riffs are splattered throughout, quickly changing between heavenly clean tones to punch you in the face distortion. The vocalists heavenly voice and use of reverb over these parts compliment each other tremendously, each member can be ripping their instrument apart, whilst her lines flow between the madness with ease.

Carrier is a combination of two different styles, two different sounds and two different cultures … but it works so well, because they are two incredible bands.

Check the e.p below.



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