Local Music Reviews #7: Warren Ireland // George Gadd // Phil Ashmore


Warren Ireland
Crazy (E.P)

If you know Warren Ireland, you know him as a bubbly, extremely enthusiastic, care free man … often like a child that’s had way to many smarties. “Crazy” I feel is warren wearing his heart on his sleeve, showing us he isn’t as care free as we believe, with six very deep and meaningful songs. Very skilled on the guitar, Warren manages to make one guitar track sound like three, with strummed chords, arpeggiated chords and singular melodies interwoven with ease. The E.P flows so well, no song sounding out of place, yet blatantly featuring influences from artists as eclectic as Dub Fx, Phat Bollard & even Ed Sheeran (i believe anyway). “Crazy” ends on it’s title track, a far larger song in its instrumentation, and injects “crazy” with so much energy … set to be a huge festival favorite.


George Gadd
Shake A Ghost (Single)

After the subtle acoustic singer-songwriter sound of “Better Shape” and the louder rock sound of “Not Human”, “Shake A Ghost” came as a bit of a surprise. The introduction of electronic elements (such as the beat) is an interesting choice and one that has worked well, complimenting the catchy chorus & repeating melody. With many of George’s songs, the lyrics feature some rather deep/dark subjects, on top of often very upbeat instrumentals, lending itself to a songwriting style similar to that of The Smiths. Towards the end of the track their comes a very well suited guitar solo by Ciaran … one that’s simple, with no need to show of, but just compliment the songs overall feel. “Shake A Ghost” is a memorable and catchy song, now becoming a staple in George’s gigs, with the entire crowd singing along.

Phil Ashmore
I’ve Been………. (E.P)

“I’ve been……….” is a masterpiece in songwriting. Phil Ashmore has created an E.P that proves all is really needed to move the listener are some heartfelt lyrics, matched with a great combination of melody and chords … everything else is just tinsel on the tree. This E.P mainly features just one man and a guitar, producing a very intimate and grounded sound. My particular favorite track, a song I now cover regularly, is “As Yet Untitled” a type of confession and love letter in sorts, featuring again a simple but perfectly fitted chord progression and song structure, above some wonderful lyrics.

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