Local Music Reviews #6: Mick Stewart // DH Lawrence & the Vaudeville Skiffle Show // Starscreen

In collaboration with Roots Acoustic Music I will be reviewing local artists albums and E.Ps from around the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area. These reviews will soon be featured in the  Roots magazine, which can be found in any of their venues.



Mick Stewart
If she’s the Legs Then I’m the Knees (Album)

Mick Stewart has created a diverse album, shifting from foot-stomping folk tracks to string layered soft-rock with ease. Like many a singer-songwriter wearing his/her heart on their sleeve, Mick has focused lyrically on the topics of love & loss, each song displaying a clear story or message through a variety of well written lyrics. Instrumentally the album is very eclectic, delving into synths & strings, as well as the usual singer-songwriter tools (guitar & harmonica), all used appropriately with the tone of each song.


DH Lawrence & the Vaudeville Skiffle Show
Escape This Wicked Life (Album)

As to be expected, DH Lawrence & the Vaudeville Skiffle Show produced an album featuring some of the finest folk/americana tracks your ears may have ever bared witness to. From the heartfelt ‘Honey’ to the sing-a-long ‘White Jesus’, this is an album that keeps the listener enthralled throughout. Each musician in the group, from the fiddle player to the percussion, plays their parts expertly & effortlessly (yet i’m sure a little effort was made!), and the harmonies between the female & male vocals are fantastic.


Hideous and Kinky (E.P)

Through 5 songs Starscreen delve into multiple genres, picking them apart and delivering something original, but still in fit with their unique sound. A prominently acoustic sound is kept throughout, cajon & other forms of percussion are used, along with the bass, which keeps a very tight and hip shaking rhythm. Genre specific instrumentation is brought in for some songs, such as harmonica & banjo, which adds diversity to Starscreen’s sound. A highlight for me would have to be vocalist Darren O’Hara’s overall performance, his gritty tone and wide vocal range push the band far beyond many other similar groups on the scene.

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