Local Music Reviews #5: David Ochrombel // Jinda Biant // Confyde


In collaboration with Roots Acoustic Music I will be reviewing local artists albums and E.Ps from around the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area. These reviews will soon be featured in the  Roots magazine, which can be found in any of their venues.



David Ochrombel
Great Walls (E.P)

From song to song David Ochrombel combines subtly intricate guitar playing with deep/grounded vocal performances, a diverse combination which reminds the listener of Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen’s softer tracks. Lyrically each song feels like a short paragraph of the E.P’s overall story, forcing the listener to pay attention and engage in some of the more memorable choruses. The guitar solo’s throughout ‘Great Wall’ were probably my favorite part, particularly in ‘Coffee’, which in its use of reverb and it’s tone immediately brought to mind Pink Floyd and David Gilmour’s unique feel.


Jinda Biant
Jinda Biant (E.P)

Jinda Biant’s self-titled E.P will undoubtedly get your foot stomping, pulse racing and images of the Mississippi Delta passing through the mind. Jinda has developed an expert grasp of the slide guitar technique, using it clean and slow to deliver the down trodden blues man vibe, and then loud and distorted when a kick up the arse is required (Seasick Steve style). I personally love the closing track, a Robert Johnson cover of ‘Walking Blues’, certainly done justice and even including a few vinyl crackles in the recording as well.


Unashamed (E.P)

Confyde have produced an E.P which in its creativity and precision competes with the most revered hard-rock/metal band of today. He must hear this a lot, but lead vocalist Martin Jackson’s similarities in sound to Alter Bridge singers Myles Kennedy are extremely impressive, from tone to vibrato, range to his ear for pitch … there are far worse singers to be compared to. The blistering but soulful guitar solos and the dynamic ride of each songs structure keep the listener enthralled throughout, leaving not one tired or slightly boring moment.


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