Local Music Reviews #3: Pretty Babs // The Collective // Scott Makepeace

In collaboration with Roots Acoustic Music I will be reviewing local artists albums and E.Ps from around the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area. These reviews will soon be featured in the  Roots magazine, which can be found in any of their venues.



Pretty Babs
Graffiti Lights (Album)

Pretty Babs have introduced themselves with an extremely strong debut album. Each track on ‘Graffiti Lights’ displays its own unique characteristics, whether it be a catchy sing-a-long or one of the heavier head bangers, each track sticks in the mind. I particularly enjoyed the variety in each individual song, straying from the simplicity of cycling the same song structure, chord progression and beat, but bringing in interesting break out sections and cutting out layers to incorporate dynamic ups & down. I’m partial to a indie Arctic Monkeys-esque bassline, so particularly love the track ‘Up from the Floorboards’.


The Collective
Mixed Personalities (Album)

The Collective strip music back to its core values, that of collaboration, performance and spreading a message you believe in. ‘Mixed personalities’ displays this sense of collaboration through its changing lineup and eclectic styles. We flow from the uplifting pop ballad ‘Chemical Warfare’ to the straight up Reggae vibes of ‘420’. ‘Mixed Personalities’ brings out the raw talent of each musician involved, whether that be intricate word play from the rappers, angelic tones from the singers, shredding riffs/solos by the guitarists or grooving beats/basslines by the rhythm section.

(Album out in August – check their singles out on YouTube or Facebook)

Scott Makepeace
Why ? Eye (E.P)

‘Why ? Eye’ hypnotises the listener, sonically mesmerizing with its wide open guitar work and Scotts haunting husky vocal tone. The amalgamation of genres displayed creates a very unique sound, songs such as ‘Viking Trip’ combining folk with heavy guitar effects use, classical percussion and an almost System of a Down-esque guitar riff. Scotts live performance is captivating and unusual to the general acoustic scene, which is captured perfectly on this E.P.


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