Local Music Reviews #2: George Gadd // Ellie Keegan // Josh Leverton // Sunflower Thieves


In collaboration with Roots Acoustic Music I will be reviewing local artists albums and E.Ps from around the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area. These reviews will be featured in the new Roots magazine, which can be found in any of their venues.



George Gadd
Better Shape

George Gadd’s latest E.P channels many styles, from the energetic folk-rock storytelling of Frank Turner to the soft & subtle acoustic country sound of City and Color. The energy and drive from Gadd’s first two full band tracks ‘Milhouse’ and ‘Runaway’ grabs the listener’s attention with their memorable guitar hooks and Gadd’s vocal delivery. For me George Gadd really stands out in his calmer songs, particularly ‘Sweet Tea’, a beautifully written track lyrically and instrumentally.

Ellie Keegan
Heat (Single)

Ellie keegan’s debut single ‘Heat’ has finally hit the airwaves, a track I think perfectly introduces Ellie to her audience. ‘Heat’ flows through with a simple, grooving, loop pedal ready rhythm and the tight guitar work to match. Ellie’s smooth vocal tone and control of her range shines throughout, particularly in the tracks quiet break, which includes a  beautifully composed/played piano piece. After hearing this I’m certainly looking forward to hearing what’s to come.

Josh Leverton

Dawn (E.P)

Josh Leverton’s debut E.P ‘Dawn’ feels like a personal journey, an inwards look at himself and his life through the lyricism of 5 very well crafted songs. The general tone of this E.P follows that of its initial single release ‘Different Page’, a sombre affair displayed through Josh’s soft vocal tone and mellow guitar playing (strummed, or intricate finger picking). Josh’s style on ‘Dawn’ I feel draws heavily on singer-songwriters such as Damien Rice, Elliot Smith and David Gray, whilst also hinting at Ed Sheeran with its layering of vocal melody and percussion.

Sunflower Thieves

Hold The Storm (E.P)

Sunflower Thieves have truly managed to create something unique and interesting in ‘Hold The Storm’, an E.P which mixes genres (particularly folk & pop) and overall tones (drifting from haunting to uplifting) seamlessly. The duos grasp of harmony displays itself clearly through their vocal performances, very mature and precise in its composition. I also enjoyed the array of instrumentation on this E.P, whether it be the sustained guitar on the intro track ‘Oh Wait’ or the brass on the track ‘Time To Choose’.


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