Review #189: The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To Expect

Artist – The Last Shadow Puppets
Album – Everything You’ve Come To Expect (2016)

Check it out –


The Last Shadow Puppets are a rock duo from Sheffield/Liverpool, UK. The band formed in 2007 and include musicians Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) – vocals/guitar, Miles Kane (solo, The Rascals) – vocals/guitar, James Ford – drums and Zach Dawes – session performer. Kane and Turner met whilst Kane’s band The Little Flames were supporting Arctic Monkeys for a few shows in 2005, later supporting again in 2007, here the duo began writing music together which would be featured on their debut album. From 2008 – 2015 the duo went on hiatus, but are now back releasing their sophomore album  ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’.

 In recent years Alex Turner and Miles Kane have shifted from being two very modern guys, Turners debut record being the epitome of a modern young lads life, to two very vintage blokes, confused by which decade they are meant to be representing. Alex Turners style representing that of a knock off James Dean, whilst MIles Kane’s track suits suggest he’s joined an east-end football firm. Their music on the other hand, this album specifically, seems highly influenced by 40s – 50s pop, in its generous use of strings, smooth vocal delivery and slow swooning pace. The lyrical content is written well and eloquent in its vocabulary, yet sticks to the topic of women throughout, swaying from the ones that have screwed them over to the supposed numerous sexual encounters they have had, which all gets a bit tiresome after a few songs. There is a unique sound and style to this album, whilst also containing moments detached from that sound, more modern and heavier moments, but each song feels like a key component to the overall album aesthetic. I do feel however that Turners ability to churn out memorable lyrics and riffs has been left back with the Arctic monkeys, ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ simply passing by with no single moment imprinted in my memory.

‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ is a perfectly fine album, stylish and probably impeccable in the minds of a certain group of music fans … for me it just missed the mark a little.


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