Review #187: Deftones – Gore

Artist – Deftones
Album – Gore (2016)

Check it out –


Deftones are an alt-metal band from California, USA. The band formed in 1988 and as of this album consist of members Chino Moreno – vocals/guitar, Stephen Carpenter – guitar, Frank Delango – keys/turntable, Abe Cunningham – drums and Sergio Vega – bass. From 1990 – 2008 Deftones also included the technically excellent and influential bassist Chi Cheng. Unfortunately in 2008 Chi fell into a minimally conscious state after sustaining head injuries from a car crash, making a partial recovery and returned home in 2013, however shortly after passing away from a heart attack. In Deftones 28 year career they have amassed a critically acclaimed 8 album discography, including the latest release ‘Gore’.

Deftones are one of a few bands that (in my opinion) consistently release fantastic album after fantastic album, yet to miss the mark, including even their one off cover album ‘Covers’. ‘Gore’ keeps the train rolling with another great album, raw in its overall sound, but precisely performed, rather than the sloppy kind of raw. The album includes a very interesting feature from guitar legend Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) on the track ‘Phantom Bride’. Jerry incorporates a solo which flows well rhythmically with the song and manages to mould the grit of Deftones with the epic rock solo sound of which Cantrell regularly delivers in his own music. Chino’s vocals follow the same style they have always over the bands past 28 year career, delivering the same nuances and lingering notes that have made him one of alternative rocks most recognisable voices. The album’s overall haunting sound, mixed with the unfortunate events they’ve had to face in recent years, adds some real depth and gravitas to each song and Chino’s lyrics, proving Chino’s point that “It took a tragedy for us to really reconnect”. I would highly recommend the Cantrell featured ‘Phantom Bride’ and the track ‘Doomed User’ for its crazily heavy riffs.

‘Gore’ is an additional fantastic, meaningful and heavy record to feature amongst Deftones already fantastic discography.


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