Review #179: Tonight Alive – Limitless

Artist – Tonight Alive
Album – Limitless (2016)

Check it out –


Tonight Alive are a rock band from Sydney, Australia. Formed in 2008, the band consists of Jenna McDougall – vocals, Whakaio Taahi – guitar, Jake Hardy – guitar, Cam Adler – bass and Matt Best – drums. Tonight Alive have developed a decent following through numerous tours, supporting You Me At Six, All Time Low, Simple Plan and others, covering songs for Pop Goes Punk and contributing a song for The Amazing Spider-man 2 soundtrack. The band released their debut album ‘What Are You So Scared Of?’ in 2011 to reasonable success. Now Tonight Alive are set to release their 3rd studio album ‘Limitless’.

I hadn’t heard of Tonight Alive before this review, I simply scoured Spotify’s ‘New Albums’ list for something to review and came across this, captured by its cool looking front cover … so I suppose it’s artwork starts this review off positively. ‘Limitless’, rather than delivering the rough/fast/gritty side of rock, delivers the large scale epic side, imagine 30 Seconds To Mars latest releases. Each and every song includes large reverb settings on the snare/vocals/lead guitar, dynamically lifting moments pushed by the drums and synth, Jenna’s falsetto used in excess to deliver even more power to the choruses and long tailed simple lead guitar melodies. There’s a huge sense of cheesiness about this album, from the simplistic lyrics focusing on the common topics of love/regret/growing etc (check out ‘Power Of One’) to each song following the same structure, building at the exact same moments. Although there are no honest messages or real substance to ‘Limitless’, it is hard not to enjoy it, as everything is performed well, there are no badly written songs and the way it sounds inherently invokes some kind of uncontrollable emotion in the listener. If I were to recommend a couple songs from ‘Limitless’ they would be ‘How Does It Feel’ and ‘Oxygen’.

There is nothing real in ‘Limitless’, it won’t leave you contemplating the topics that it brings up and it certainly won’t feature in anyones favourite albums lists. It is however a perfectly enjoyable album for maybe one or two listen throughs, including some pop friendly hits and a well produced, huge sound.


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