Review #177: Anthrax – For All Kings

Artist – Anthrax
Album – For All Kings (2016)

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Anthrax are a thrash-metal band from New York, USA. As of this album the band consist of Scott Ian – guitar, Joey Belladonna – vocals, Jonathan Donais – guitar, Frank Bello – bass and Charlie Benante drums. Anthrax rose along with the other recently named ‘Big Four’ thrash-metal bands, Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth, Anthrax being viewed as the more fun out of the four. Anthrax gained popularity off of their singles ‘Madhouse’ and ‘Caught In A Mosh’, but also with their surprisingly, but brilliant, collaboration with hip-hop giants Public Enemy on their song ‘Bring The Noise’. After 5 years with no release Anthrax add to their 10 album discography with ‘For All Kings’.

First Slayer, then Iron Maiden, then Killing Joke and now Anthrax, all metal bands that have been around for decades and still showing the youth how to record fantastic albums, as if these were their debuts. ‘For All Kings’ doesn’t shy away from the sociopolitical content the band have become known to cover over their career, just listen to the song ‘Evil Twin’, a track inspired in part by the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks. Singer Joey Belladonna’s return to the band in recent years has seemed to revive the band a little, Joey’s vocals sounding at the top of their game and re-introducing the interesting melodic content lost during the bands beginnings. The riffs are as raucous but memorable as every, the drums booming along at an uncontrollable rate and a range of blistering but melodic solos. If I were to recommend a couple songs from this album they would be ‘Breathing Lightning’ and ‘Monster At The End’, songs I feel encapsulate Anthrax’s style down to a T.

‘For All Kings’ isn’t reinventing the band, but a re-birth if you would. There isn’t much innovation, but exactly what fans of the band and of the genre were expecting and what they truly wanted, written and performed expertly.


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