Review #175: Kano – Made In The Manor

Artist – Kano
Album – Made In The Manor (2016)

Check it out –


Kano (Kane Robinson) is a rapper/grime artist from London, UK. Kano began his music career joining the N.A.S.T.Y crew and performing on the pirate radio show ‘Deja Vu’, also previously featuring Wiley and Dizzee Rascal. In 2004 Kano release his debut single P’s & Q’s’, still probably Kano’s most popular track and interestingly a song first released solely on 12″ Vinyl. Kano released his first album in 2005, gaining a spot in the top 40 chart and featuring such notable guests as The Streets. After a bit of an acting career in Top Boy and Tower Block, Kano is back to the music, releasing his 5th studio album ‘Made In The Manor’.

Already I believe ‘Made In The Manor’ is on of the best grime albums to be released since the genre’s rise in the early 2000s … however as stated it isn’t an old genre, so as great as I think this album is, take it with a grain of salt, as there’s not loads to compete with. ‘Made In The Manor’ begins as it means to go on with the first track ‘Hail’,  featuring low gritty synths, hard-hitting lyric (topic and delivery wise) and also a short sample section of fellow grime artist Tempa T’s ‘Next Hype’. The album is slim on features, but the ones it does include make sense, bring something of substance and surprise. Wiley, Giggs and JME feature on two separate tracks, Grime legends themselves, bringing that crew/collective vibe to each song as well as their signature delivery. The surprising feature is Damon Albarn of Blur/Gorillaz fame on the track ‘Deep Blues’, not too heavy on his vocal inclusion, but in terms of production Damon has certainly been hands on with the synth of this song. Lyrical content isn’t anything too out of left field in terms of the Grime genre, speaking about fame, writing music and violence, however it is just delivered and articulated in such a raw and passionate way that sets some of these tracks apart from many other Grime artists. If I were to recommend two songs they would be the aforementioned ‘Hail’ and the track ‘3 Wheel-Ups’ featuring Giggs and Wiley.

It’s still early days for this genre, however Kano has certainly marked his territory as one of Grime’s most passionate and talented artists, delivering yet again another brilliant record.


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