Review #171: Wolfmother – Victorious

Artist – Wolfmother
Album – Victorious (2016)

Check it out –


Wolfmother are a hard-rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band formed in 2000 and as of this album consist of Andrew Stockdale – guitar/vocals, Ian Peres – bass/keys and Alex Carapetis as a sessional drummer. Wolfmother sway between hard rock, psychedelic rock and stoner, citing such similar artists as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Black Sabbath as influences. Wolfmother gained critical praise and mainstream popularity with their self-titled debut ‘Wolfmother, an album which features still their two most popular songs ‘Woman’ and ‘Joker And The Thief’. With 3 albums under their belt now Wolfmother are ready to release their 4th ‘Victorious’.

‘Victorious’ is undoubtedly a product hugely inspired by Wolfmother’s peers, I mean just listen to singer Andrew Stockdale’s Ozzy Osbourne tone and delivery on almost every song, and the guitar riffs that almost seem to have been sampled from a Led Zeppelin album. Having stated the similarities like that could come off as me sounding a bit disgruntled, as if they are just plagiarising. The fact however is that Wolfmother still add their own unique twist along with these call backs, creating something fresh and original, and lets face it, their peers were copying off of the blues artists prior to them anyway. ‘Victorious’ is chock-a-block with fuzz ridden/well crafted guitar solos, hard/blues-rock riffs and as always an eclectic and precise vocal performance from Stockdale. The album keeps the listener’s attention expertly in its range of straightforward and odd song structures, as well as its dips and rises in dynamics, going from the typical hard-rock track to an acoustic song, then an odd ambient moment of noise back to a hard-rock track. If I were to recommend a couple tracks they would be the rockier ‘The Love That You Give’ and the slower ‘Pretty Peggy’.

‘Victorious’ is a fantastic album, giving the listener everything they have come to expect from Wolfmother and their hard/psychedelic-rock sound.


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