Review #166: Future – EVOL

Artist – Future
Album – Evol (2016)

Check it out –


Future (Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) is a hip-hop artist from Georgia, USA. Future has become synonymous for his autotuned rapping style, a technique he says he uses to create a grittier vocal tone. In 2012 Future signed to his first major label (Epic Records), allowing him to release his debut album ‘Pluto’, an album which gained major financial and critical success. After ‘Pluto’ came his sophomore album ‘Honest’ and then his first no.1 on the Billboard 200 ‘DS2’. Future now adds to these three album with his latest release ‘EVOL’, let’s see if it can compete with ‘DS2’.

Future’s career has been progressing rapidly recently, mainly on the back of some great albums, and as much praise as this album is getting, I’m personally not hearing it. A lot of the praise ‘EVOL’ is receiving comes from its beats, however other than a few tracks, ‘Photo Copy’ for instance, the rest of the beats sound bland and identical to me, featuring the same high-hat rhythm and sound with a few standard synth chords underneath. Futures delivery and tone he gets from the autotune effect sound way too similar from track to track, leading me to believe that all the beats and vocal tracks on ‘EVOL’ could be easily interchanged, displaying no specific character or identity in single songs. Although the album is very samey and a little dull, it has to be said that the album is very well produced and features on occasion some thoughtful and intricate lyrics from Future … not Talib Kweli intricate, but still with its interesting moments. ‘EVOL’ also interestingly only features one guest performance, that being from The Weeknd, an uninspired performance I felt, but i’m not a Weeknd fan in general really. If I were to recommend a couple tracks from this album they would be the aforementioned ‘Photo Copy’ and ‘Lie To Me’.

‘EVOL’ seems not to be a stop to Future’s string of great album, but a slight miss, something that looses the interest of its predecessors. This album needs to be left now by Future, he needs to focus a bit more on the next release and create something with a little me innovation and variety.


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