Review #164: Elton John – Wonderful Crazy Night

Artist – Elton John
Album – Wonderful Crazy Night

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Elton John is a singer-songwriter from Middlesex, UK. Elton began his music career in 1967 after meeting long time songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. Almost 5 years later Elton has sold more than 300 million records and has become one of the best selling artists in the world. As well as Eltons numerous hits (Your Song, Candle in the Wind, Tiny Dancer) he has also composed for film, most notably the Disney film ‘Lion King’ for which he won an Oscar, Grammys and numerous other awards. Now 9 soundtracks, 4 collab albums and 29 studio albums in Elton John is ready to release his 30th ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’

‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ is everything we would expect from an Elton John album, no curve balls, just ballads and uplifting pop songs, and isn’t that what Elton fans want anyway. The album starts with it’s title track, a song which many are criticising for not actually being ‘crazy’ as the name would suggest …. I say its just a title guys. This song features a walking pace tempo with a plodding bass line & keyboard/guitar riff, every so often featuring some signature Elton piano melodies/solos, an enjoyable way to start the album and displays its overall mood. Despite the large majority of this album being pop/ballads, Elton isn’t afraid to incorporate small moments of other genres he’s inspired by. A country vibe appears from the vocal/backing harmonies in ‘Claw Hammer’ and an almost bluesy guitar riff introducing the track ‘In The Name Of You’, all these elements adding a little extra flavour to the album. My Problem with ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ is that it feels already like one of those completely forgettable albums in the depths of Eltons large 30 album discography, simply because it misses any massive pop hits and has little diversity to set it apart from the other albums.

Elton has his hits, has made a name for himself and is one of the best selling artists in the world, he obviously doesn’t feel the need to change … so why make another album of the same old same old.


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