Review #163: Rihanna – Anti

Artist – Rihanna
Album – Anti (2016)

Check it out –


Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) is a pop singer from Saint Michael, Barbados. After meeting with record producer Evan Rogers, Rihanna released a few demos which were sent off to various labels, one of which being Def Jam Records whom Rihanna signed for after auditioning for Jay-Z (President of DJR at the time). Since then Rihanna has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world, selling millions of albums and touring arenas all over the world. Currently Rihanna has 8 studio album released, with the most recent being ‘Anti’. Let’s have a listen.

‘Anti’ is Rihanna’s first album in 4 years, since then developing a tougher more edgy style, in her persona and music. This edgier persona displayed itself best in the 2015 single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’, a track that was strangely left out of this album, especially odd looking at its success … same goes for the single ‘FourFiveSeconds’. ‘Anti’ removes the huge pop friendly hits that shot Rihanna into the stratosphere (Umbrella, Diamonds) and replaces them with far more inward facing songs, more personal, giving rihanna a chance to deliver more heartfelt lines and a bit more aggression. Replacing these pop hits comes a dance hall style in ‘Work’, Ballads in ‘Higher’ and numerous trap style beats. Whereas the in thing for pop and hip hop albums a few years ago was to feature ridiculous numbers of notable guest artists, they all seem to be stripping back, bringing in just one or two features. Production is great on ‘Anti’, but that will come from a product that has probably had 100s of thousands of pounds spent on it and dozens upon dozens of producers, writers, engineers. I also have to say that I quite like the album cover, don’t quite get its message, but like it still, missing Rihanna’s face for once.

‘Anti’ got off to a rocky start with its initial release only on Tidal (a music streaming site no one uses) and its leak, giving fans a chance to get it far before its release. The actual album itself however deserves praise, skipping all the generic pop rubbish tropes and actually containing its own interesting and authentic style.



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