Review #159: SIA – This Is Acting

Artist – SIA
Album – This Is Acting (2016)

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SIA (Sia Furler) is an Australian singer-songwriter. SIA began her career in the 90s as part of an Acid-jazz band Crisp. After some small success and experience with Crisp SIA released her debut solo album, shortly after leaving that and singing lead for the duo Zero 7. SIA started her solo project back up in 2000, releasing a string of albums up to the hugely successful ‘1000 Forms of Fear’, which featured the singles ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Elastic Heart’, gaining her worldwide recognition. SIA is known as a shy figure, often enlisting actors and dancers to represent her at award shows, performances or in her videos, for instance the extremely talented young dancer Maddie Ziegler of whom features in the videos for ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Elastic Heart’. After the success of SIA’s last album all eyes are locked on this new release ‘This Is Acting’.

‘This Is Acting’ is probably the first small disappointment of the year for me … not huge … just small. SIA’s last release was a great pop album, very well written with some vocally powerful and emotive tracks, ‘This Is Acting’ just manages to miss those highs. The album does include some strong vocal performances, have a listen to the track ‘Alive’, however they just don’t have the emotional delivery and impact that ‘Chandelier’ had for instance. SIA’s last album had pop hooks, common pop structures and wasnt too complex musically, yet it still had some nuances that separated it from the other boring female pop album out at the time. ‘This Is Acting’ I feel has been taken over by that realisation that SIA could be a massive pop star and therefore has taken no risks or effort in making something of substance, just generic pop beats, lyrics and melodies. If I were to recommend a couple of songs they would be the intro track ‘Bird Set Free’ and the more dramatic outro ‘Space Between’.

‘This Is Acting’ is okay, but as okay as all the other mediocre pop album are, and there should be more expected of SIA. I think after trying so many other genres and performing in the industry for so long that when her last album hit so hard she didn’t want to lose it and stayed safe.



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