Review #156: Anderson Paak – Malibu

Artist – Anderson Paak
Album – Malibu (2016)

Check it out –

Anderson Paak is a singer/rapper/producer from California, USA. Paak began his music career named Breezy Lovejoy, releasing his first album under that name. Shortly after his first album the slightly less cheesy name Anderson Paak was created, from there Paak released his first album under that name ‘Venice’. Paak has made numerous guest appearances on small independent rappers/singers albums, but has blown up a bit recently, recording six songs on Dr Dre’s ‘Compton’, two songs on The Game’s ‘The Documentary 2’ and supposedly recording with Flying Lotus, Schoolboy Q and 9th Wonder. Under the name Anderson Paak this is his studio album ‘Malibu’.

My initial thought whilst listening to ‘Malibu’ was “Kendrick Lamar”. Andersons music doesn’t have the aggression often displayed in Kendrick’s music or the 80s/90s hip hop feel, however his ability to mould genres and instrumentation in an interesting way and ability to tell real stories with his lyrics is certainly in the same league as Lamar. Andersons loose interpretation of genres is probably one of the highlights of this album, shifting from soul elements to modern hip-hop, club melodies to church choir harmonies, yet still including elements unique to him and moving from each track to the next in a way that feels connected. Paak has enlisted some real top dogs to help deliver guest spots on ‘Malibu’, from the hard hitting ‘Game’ to lyrical mastermind ‘Talib Kweli’ and new-comer ‘Schoolboy Q’, all delivering fantastic memorable verses. I feel that Andersons music is based on the location of his album title, as was with ‘Venice’, and now ‘Malibu’, displaying a warm tone in its production and extravagant melodies, composition and instrumentation, kind of what you connect with Malibu as a city.

‘Malibu’ is a fantastic album, similar in a few ways to Kendrick Lamars latest effort,  but with plenty to set it apart.



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