Review #153: Daughter – Not To Disappear

Artist – Daughter
Album – Not To Disappear (2016)


Check it out –

Daughter are an indie folk band from London, UK. The band were formed in 2010 and consist of a diverse trio of members, UK born Elena Tonra – vocals, Swiss born Igor Haefeli – guitar and from France Remi Aguilella – drums. After their formation, Daughter quickly began building momentum with 4 successful E.P releases and their debut album ‘If You Leave’. The band were then asked to support Ben Howard on his European headline tour, soon after headlining their own tours in support of their albums. This is Daughter’s sophomore album ‘Not To Disappear’.

‘Not To Disappear’ is an album that drones on, not in a negative way, but that’s the only way I can describe it. The instruments are smothered in delay and reverb, creating long tails on each note/beat, progressed even more by the long sustained guitar, synth and backing vocal melodies. Lead singer Elan’s vocals also have this melancholy sound to them, almost whispering a sad story to the listener, very similar in tone and delivery to Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine), but without the loud sing-a-long choruses. Towards the end of this album the dynamics build a little, including more hard hitting elaborate drum beats and the vocals pushed a bit in volume. The songwriting on this album is as strong as their previous, hitting on subjects such as love, loss and one particularly tear inducing song on dementia named ‘Doing The Right Thing’, which displays deep and well structured lyrics, as well as a great music video along with it (worth a watch). If I were to recommend a couple songs from this album they would be the aforementioned track ‘Doing The Right Thing’ and the hauntingly beautiful/dynamically uplifting song ‘Numbers’.

Daughter are a group that I think have really nailed their sound already, which is great being just two albums in. ‘Not To Disappear’ is another fantastic release and hopefully they will follow down this path, further progressing their sound with a little more experimentation in style.


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