Review #152: Hinds – Leave Me Alone

Artist – Hinds
Album – Leave Me Alone (2016)


Hinds, Leave Me Alone.

Check it out –

Hinds are an indie-rock band from Madrid, Spain. The band formed in 2011 and include members Carlotta Cosials – vocals/guitar, Ana Perrote – vocals/guitar, Ade Martin – bass and Amber Grimbergen – drums. Hinds were previously called Deer, however due to another group having the same name they had to officially change it to Hinds in 2015, Hind being a female deer and the band being all female kind of worked out. Hinds are pretty new to the scene, but are making some real noise and quickly growing a large fan base. This is Hinds debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’.

It is true that there is some attitude in Hinds new album, obviously a strong performance put across whilst recording. It feels however more like the attitude of a teenager not allowed to go to a gig, rather that the attitude of The Clash or Sex Pistols, angry about important things. The lyrics are well written in structure and focus, yet feature no real substance that adds depth to the album. The instrumentation of ‘Leave Me Alone’ is pretty much the usual rock band set up, however each song is composed very simplistically, featuring very common chord progressions, straightforward pop drum beats and melodies with little detail. ‘leave Me Alone’ does drift between styles quite a bit, ranging from rock to indie to some some surprisingly calm tracks, which does keep the listener’s attention throughout. If I were to recommend a track from this album it would have to be the streaming hit ‘Bamboo’.

With some deeper thought into Hinds lyrics and music I think there could be something special in their next release, this one just being too simplistic.


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