Review #149: Paul Weller – Saturns Pattern

Artist – Paul Weller
Album – Saturns Pattern

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Saturns Pattern by Paul Weller

Paul Weller is a singer-songwriter from Surrey, UK. Starting his career in the extremely popular and influential mod band ‘The Jam’ (1975-1982), Paul went onto form ‘The Style Council’ (1983-1989) and then begin a solo career from 1991 to the present. During his career Paul has gained the nickname ‘The Modfather’ for his principal role in the Mod revival of the 70s/80s. Weller has numerous hit songs and albums under his belt as well as awards, including 4 Brit awards, most notably the 2006 award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. Since his solo career began Paul has massed up a substantial 12 albums, the 12th being the newly released ‘Saturns Pattern’.

Paul Weller throughout his solo career has tried to mix things up style wise, ranging from Jazz elements to psychedelic and rock, ‘Saturns Pattern’ is no exception. This album opens with the track ‘White Sky’, a song which includes a crunching guitar riff and howling vocal melodies/tone, delivering a blues rock sound that really kicks the album off. Paul Weller enlists a few already established artist to help him ignite something new and interesting in ‘Saturns Pattern’. These guest spots most notably include some slide guitar work by The Strypes guitarist Josh McClorey on ‘long Time’ and a vocal performance by Liam Magill of Syd Arthur on ‘These City Streets’. Dynamically the album is a bit of a rollercoaster, as mentioned starting with the bang of ‘White Sky’, but then coming across the mellow piano track of ‘Going My Way’, then coming back to the distorted rock sound of ‘Long Time’. Two tracks I would definitely recommend would be the aforementioned ‘White Sky’ and ‘Going My Way’.

‘Saturns Pattern’ is another great album to progress Paul Weller’s fantastic discography.


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