Review #148: Bullet For My Valentine – Venom

Artist – Bullet For My Valentine
Album – Venom (2015)

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Bullet For My Valentine are a Metal band from Bridgend, Wales. The band cite such artists as Iron Maiden and Metallica as influences, whom they also covered whilst in the first iteration of BFMV ‘Jeff Killed John’. BFMV consists of members Matt Tuck – vocals/guitar, Michael Paget – guitar, Michael Thomas – drums and Jamie Mathias -bass. The band mostly rose to fame with their debut album ‘The Poison’, which featured such tracks as ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ and ‘All These Things I Hate’. After 3 more full album releases Bullet are ready to release their fifth album ‘Venom’.

Whether you liked BFMV back in their earlier days or not, you have to admit that their debut ‘The Poison’ had a lot of catchy tracks and had gained them a signature sound.  BFMV now however have completely lost the ability to write memorable music, each album just getting blander and blander, copying every metal cliche relevant at the time to try and stay relevant themselves. ‘Venom’ starts with the intro track ‘V’, which is just an irritating and hard to listen to build up of jittering synths and distortion into a typical paint by numbers BFMV metal track ‘No Way Out’. After ‘No Way Out’ comes the cringingly titled ‘Army of Noise’, which features Matt Tuck shouting GO before an emotionless fret-wanking solo arrives … who shouts Go before solos anymore? Only three songs in and I had given up on this album, every other track after it featuring the same bland sweep picking solos, uninspired metal lyrics and typical song structures than detract from any interest.

If you wanted your dose of metal in 2015 then you should have already or should still check out the newest albums by Rolo Tomassi, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Parkway Drive and TesseracT … not Bullet For My Valentines ‘Venom’.


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