Review #147: Cage The Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty

Artist – Cage The Elephant
Album – Tell Me I’m Pretty (2015)

Check it out –


Cage The Elephant are a rock band from Kentucky, USA. The band currently includes Matthew Shultz – vocals, Brad Shultz – guitar, Jared Champion – drums and Daniel Tichenor – bass. Cage The Elephant occasionally drift between the blues, funk and punk influences,  but their base is in rock, citing such artists as The Pixies and Nirvana as their peers. The group released their debut self-titled album in 2008 to critical success and gained a Grammy nomination for their 3rd album ‘Melophobia’ in 2015. Cage The Elephant now release their 4th album ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’.

‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ starts as it means to go on with the fuzz ridden swishing intro of ‘Cry Baby’, a song that fully encapsulates Cage The Elephants rock style with a little british blues sound. The second track ‘Mess Around’ introduces the catchier side of this band, repeating the line ‘No She Don’t Mess Around’ over and over till it’s stuck in your head, also with a vocal melody and guitar/bass lines reminiscent of Black Keys. Interestingly enough, speaking about the Black Keys, Dan Auerbach of the band produced this record, obviously influencing the music of some tracks, but also providing a stellar mix and some sonically interesting moments with the use of effect and layering. The album never gets boring, with a range of grungier tracks mixed with the softer indie stuff, all written very well with lyrics that have depth and harmonies not unlike The Beatles/Beach Boys earlier stuff. If I were to pick a couple songs to recommend I think they would have to be the aforementioned ‘Mess Around’ and the also very popular ‘Trouble’.

‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ is another great album by Cage The Elephant. The album includes everything you’ve come to expect from the band with some interesting surprises.


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