Review #146: Avenge The Heartache – Immortality

Artist – Avenge The Heartache
E.P – Immortality (2014)

Check it out –


Avenge The Heartache are a metalcore/hardcore band from Gloucestershire, UK. The band currently (2016) consists of Keelan Biggs – vocals, Sam Stanton – guitar/vocals, Jay Williams – bass, Dino Randall – guitar and Joshua Rigley – drums. Avenge The Heartache have built quite a following since their formation in 2011, gaining support slots with such bands as Miss May I and Secrets. Their influences stick closely to the bands style, citing such artists as The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red and We Came As Romans as peers. I’ve been asked by the bands newest drummer to review their last release, which was the 2014 E.P ‘Immortality’. As always, when a member of a band or solo artists asks me to review their music I stay as honest as I would with any other review.

‘Immortality’ is a 4 track E.P displaying the key elements of this band: riffs, technique and the ability to write heavy/authentic metalcore songs. Throughout you can hear the influences of bands like The Devil Wears Prada and particularly Parkway Drives catchy riff writing ability in the intro to the final track ‘To Survive’. There isn’t a massive amount of innovation in this bands first E.P. Nothing to really set Avenge The Heartache apart from all the other local metalcore/hardcore bands with similar names and similar album artwork. However, what they have written and performed has all the elements you want from this type of music, all written and performed very well with a quality production behind it. If I were to pick a person favourite from this E.P it would have to be the final track ‘To Survive’, I’m a massive fan of those large ‘Parkway Drive’ intro melodies.

‘Immortality’ is a great start for Avenge The Heartache. Hopefully with their next release there will be a little more displayed that sets them apart. Definitely would recommend to any fans of the genre.


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