Review #145: Meghan Trainor – Title

Artist – Meghan Trainor
Album – Title (2015)

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Meghan Trainor is a singer “songwriter” from California, USA. Trainor began her musical endeavours at the age of 15, independently releasing 3 albums before she was 17. In 2014 Meghan signed to Epic Records at which she released a string of chart topping singles and her latest album. Meghan states her music as being heavily influenced by the 1950s and that her songs are meant to display ideas of healthy body image, empowerment to women etc … we’ll see. This is meghan#s latest release and my worst album of 2015 ‘Title’.

I’d just like to make it clear that I really did not like this album. I’d listened to ‘Title’ after its release and then come the end of the year decided that it deserved the number one spot on my top ten worst albums of 2015 list, however never bothered to review it (give it more press), until now. Lets get the one kind of positive out of the way, it’s produced well, but this comes from having money thrown at top producers by the record label.
Right, so, numero uno, it’s messages. Trainor states that her music is there to put across messages of healthy body image and empowerment, so lets look at the two most popular tracks. ‘All About That Bass’ is basically just a rant from an insecure average sized girl about how girls with curves are “better” and more attractive than skinny girls. I kind of understand the point of this message, as the industry has been oversaturated with thin girls for years, but this song goes the complete opposite way. ‘All About That Bass’, rather than make average and larger sized girls feel good about themselves, makes thin girls feel bad, thin girls that are just genetically thin, ones that maybe have eating problems or just ones that put in hard work to eat healthy and exercise. This song I feel isn’t actually being progressive or challenging like it’s trying to make out, its seen the trend of curves that’s appeared recently with Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea etc and is simply capitalising on it with a girl as manufactured as the skinny pop singers before her.
The second hit is ‘Dear Future Husband’, a song that sums down to Meghan willing to be the “perfect wife” by cooking and cleaning all day if her husband regularly brings her flowers … as mentioned, Meghan thinks her music is empowering. This song and all the rest are written with a swing style, which was popular during a time that women stayed home to cook, clean, look after the children, whilst the men had a career and followed their passion, further implanting the opposite of empowerment into my mind. Every song on this album is uninspired, includes simple lyrics, simple melodies and harmonies, simple composition of the other instruments and a bland vocal performance by Meghan herself. But despite the terrible music the worst part of this album is that it has people thinking its progressive, whilst being the most unprogressive insulting album to come out this year.

‘Title’ is crap.

2/10 – it get 1 extra point for okay (but uninspired) production.

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