Review #144: Miguel – Wildheart

Artist – Miguel
Album – Wildheart (2015)

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Miguel (Miguel Jontel Pimentel) is a singer-songwriter/producer from California, USA. Miguel released his debut album ‘All I Want Is You’ in 2010, which wasn’t promoted to a great extent and therefore didn’t sell the amount that it deserved, due to its praise critically. This slow acknowledgement of Miguel’s talent eventually built his following, to the point at which Miguel began supporting such acts as Trey Songz and Usher. Miguel released his second album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ in 2012 which was meant with far more success. Now is the time for Miguel to release his third and most anticipated album so far ‘Wildheart’.

‘Wildheart’ by some is being included in their ‘Top 10 albums of 2015’. I don’t think I would go that far, but it is perfectly enjoyable. There are a couple of notable guest performances in the tracks ‘NWA’ and ‘Face The Sun’ by Rapper Kurupt and rockstar Lenny Kravitz. These guest spots aren’t anything super special, but they do meld well into the overall song and they are a couple of interesting choices to bring on a RnB album. In my opinion ‘Wildheart’ is focusing mainly on the percussion and vocals. The percussion ranges tonally from acoustic drums to programmed and diversifies around that kit by playing solely rims in some parts. The rhythms also contrast from song to song, including the standard 4/4 beat, but then some syncopated rhythms, odd timings and off beat rhythms, adding variety. Vocal wise Miguel has a nice smooth tone and great control of his range, delivering some catchy melodies and harmonising well amongst the rest of instruments. I don’t particularly find Miguel’s lyrics very deep or meaningful, but maybe that’s not his focus on this album.

‘wildheart’ probably is the best album of its genre out this year (RnB) and it includes some genuinely interesting moments. It just doesn’t compare to a lot of the other albums I consider ‘best of 2015’ and therefore do not understand why it is considered on so many lists.


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