Review #142: Grimes – Art Angels

Artist – Grimes
Album – Art Angel (2015)

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Grimes (Claire Elise Boucher) is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. During 2009, her time at university, Grimes began recording and performing in the local underground music scene. Her debut album ‘Geidi Primes’ along with ‘Halfaxa’ were both released in 2010, the follow up ‘Visions’ released in 2012. Most of Grimes releases have received high praise from critics and music fans alike, focusing on her vocal techniques and range in style, performing electronic, pop, hip-hop and RnB, to name a few. Grimes is now ready to release her fourth highly anticipated album ‘Art Angels’.

‘Art Angels’ I feel is best described as a Frankenstein’s monster style mixture of genres/styles/instrumentation. There’s often this J-pop sound coming from the combination of high pitched vocals and synths, a classical/oriental sound coming from the instrumentation in the intro and also a catchy Hendrix-esque clean guitar riff to add some funk/blues to the title track … it’s all over the place, but in a good way. The stand out feature has to be the vocals in this album, Grimes incredibly high range mixed with an expert control in dynamics and beautifully written/delivered melodies. One negative I have would be the lyrics, mostly in the first few songs, ‘California’ has some very badly written, pretty simplistic lyrics, which I wouldn’t expect from such an innovative album. Talking about innovation I feel this is one of ‘Art Angels’ highlights. Grimes shows us her ability to combine musical genres/elements which don’t usually mix together. She does this by developing melodies/song structures/topics which at first seem odd, but slowly grow on the listener to form a great appreciation for an interesting piece of art, rather than an album with a few pop songs strung together.

‘Art Angel’ is one of the oddest, but most interesting albums out this year. The album is another certain to gain spots on many top 10s, which is interesting to see so many newer artist acheive this year (Kendrick, Jamie xx, Wolf Alice)


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