Review #136: Sigma – Life

Artist – Sigma
Album – Life (2015)

Check it out –


Sigma are a drum & bass group from Leeds, UK. The duo of Joe Lenzie and Cameron Edwards began at Leed University, at which they first met and formed Sigma after attending a few drum & bass nights. Their first most notable release was a collaboration with DJ Fresh on the track ‘Lassitude’. Since ‘Lassitude’ Sigma released their first number 1 single ‘Nobody To Love’ and their 2nd with singer Paloma Faith in ‘Changing’. With the success of both these singles all eyes are on Sigma, their collaborations and their debut album ‘Life’, here it is.

‘Life’ is just another one of many mindless unoriginal electronic albums to be released in recent years. Sigma heavily rely on the guest vocal over a fist pumping beat and repetitive melody to secure financial success in each single, bringing in such artists as Rita Ora, Paloma Faith and Labrinth. There are a few enjoyable tracks which you end up tapping to, for instance ‘Nobody To Love’, but the formula is there to make you do this, not because what is playing is interesting or different in anyway. It’s been a year when we’ve had great and terrible electronic music from some of the biggest acts in a range of genres. Unfortunately ‘Life’ fits into the same generic camp as Avicii and Nero’s recent releases, rather than the innovative/exciting recent albums by Jamie xx, New Order and The Chemical Brothers. If I had to recommend a couple songs from ‘Life’ they would have to be the aforementioned ‘Nobody To Love’, one of the only tracks without a notable guest vocal, and the track ‘Redemption’ … the piano chord progression in it isn’t too bad.

If all you are looking for is generic fist pumping music to play during pre-drinks before a night out, then ‘Life’ is fine. If you are looking for something of substance then go for any of the other electronic albums i’ve mentioned in this review.


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