Review #133: Adele – 25

Artist – Adele
Album – 25

Check it out –


Adele is a singer-songwriter from London, UK. Adele began her journey in music at the Brits school, shortly after leaving putting her demo on Myspace and eventually being given a record deal by XL Recordings. Currently Adele has 3 albums out, the debut ’19’ released 2008 went platinum 7 times and the second album ’21’ was even more successful and awarded Adele with numerous Grammys including Best Album. Due to the incredible success of ’21’ Adele actually became the first woman ever to have 3 simultaneous singles in Billboard’s top 100, as well as 2 albums in the top 5 of Billboard’s top 200. Adele now releases her 3rd highly anticipated album ’25’ which is already doing incredibly well in terms of sales.

As of writing this review ’25’ has already sold millions of albums and beaten numerous records, displaying its appeal and quality, as well as the success of not releasing an album on streaming sites. The fact that Adele disappeared for quite a while between this and the last record and how well ’21’ did I feel contributed a lot to the success of this record, however plenty can be said for the diversity and pure talent in each track. We can all agree that Adele is a great vocalist, this is put forth further in ’25’, displaying a warm soulful performance in songs like ‘All I Ask’, but still with a modern twist, for instance in the hit ‘Hello’. Diversity in genre also adds to the appeal of this record, we have the acoustic pop feel of ‘Send My Love’ which is followed by Ballads, simple jazz and soul tracks. A lot is being said for the lyric writing of this album, how relatable it is, but this is the one point i do not agree with. The lyrics are relatable because they’re simply about love and missing someone, lyrics which Adele and other musicians (Taylor Swift) have been using all their career. There is nothing obscure or innovative about the topics/lyrics on 25. If I had to pick two tracks they would certainly be the intro hit ‘Hello’, This is a really huge song and certainly a clever move putting it out as the first single, and the track ‘All I Ask’, just a personal favourite in regards to Adele’s vocal performance.

I don’t think ’25’ hits ’21’ in terms of songwriting/performance and It certainly isn’t the fantastically creative album that many are calling it, however it is a diverse album, well produced, with some incredible performances


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