Review #132: Jamie xx – In Colour

Artist – Jamie xx
Album – In Colour

Check it out –


Jamie XX (Jamie Smith) is a producer/DJ/songwriter from London, UK. Jamie’s music career began in 2005 when he joined the band The xx. The xx went on to do very well in their own right, releasing a debut album which went platinum. The alter ego of Jamie xx came about whilst putting out a mix of Jamie’s bands debut album, which ended up sticking in this solo career. Jamie xx as well as remixing his own music has remixed for such notable acts as Adele and Florence + The Machine. This is Jamie xx’s debut album, In Colour.

Many are heralding Jamie xx’s ‘In Colour’ as one of the best albums of the year, and it is quite easy to understand why. Although I don’t necessarily think ‘In Colour’ is the most innovative album, it does spark the imagination and create a real sense of mood in the sounds it uses and interesting range of samples. We start with ‘Goon’, a track that builds with a gritty distorted synth bass and octave melody, including some very cockney vocal samples ‘easy, easy’ and a very repetitive mechanical sounding beat throughout. On the other side of this album is the track ‘Loud Places’, a softer more ‘festival’ sounding track with a simplistic pumping beat and warm/smooth guest vocal performance by ‘Romy’. These two tracks display the diversity in Jamie xx’s new album, showcasing a range of electronic styles, but all with a hint of Art-house about them, whether it’s the excellent production or the range of instrumentation/compositional techniques used. I would have to recommend the previously stated ‘Loud Places’ and the far more spacey track ‘Seesaw’, which is getting quite a bit of attention streaming wise.

‘In Colour’ is a fantastic album, not being my personal favourite of this year, but definitely up their, undoubtedly one of the best electronic albums of the year.


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