Review #129: Justin Bieber – Purpose

Artist – Justin Bieber
Album – Purpose (2015)

Check it out –

I’m sure everyone knows who Justin Bieber is already, but still … Justin Bieber is a pop artist from Ontario, Canada. Bieber’s career started once being scouted out by marketing exec Scooter Braun, who found recordings of Justin singing on Youtube. Bieber instantly grew a gigantic fan base of mainly pre-teen girls, quickly releasing his debut track ‘One Time’ and eventually the infamous ‘Baby’. Bieber being 21 now has become a bit of a Marmite figure in the press, either you love him or hate him, due to his less than innocent antics (drug taking, drink driving, racist jokes etc). In Justin’s now 7 year career he has released 4 studio albums, all receiving massive financial success, here’s the 4th ‘Purpose’.

First impressions are everything, and ‘Purpose’ doesn’t start off strong. ‘Purpose’ begins with the track ‘Mark My Words’ which includes a very irritating synth/vocal melody looped over and over with Justin singing over the top in a very similar way to another Justin (Timberlake). Trying to shift from the pretty boy pre-teen image ‘Purpose’ focuses far more on the club banger style track, featuring drops, build ups and the usual ping-pong melody. One detore from this is the softer guitar and vocal combo of ‘Love Yourself’ which creates a nice break from the club tracks and features some heart felt lyrics (if they are just the typical love lost ballad). Production is really good, which shouldn’t be surprising knowing how much money is probably put into Bieber’s music. There is plenty of space in the mix to allow for Justin’s vocals to push through, however this is the problem … his vocals are boring. As mentioned previously Justin either sounds like a tribute act to Timberlake or he just generally sounds bland, with no discernible quirk that makes his tone/delivery different to any other RnB/Pop singer.

‘Purpose’ is a perfectly fine pop album from the view of the audience it’s aiming at and the production is top notch …. however, the main focus of the album, the guy himself (Bieber) is the worst thing about it, which shouldn’t really be, should it?


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