Review #127: Killing Joke – Pylon

Artist – Killing Joke
Album – Pylon (2015)

Check it out –

Killing Joke are a rock band from London, UK. Forming in 1978 the band have since gone through numerous line-up changes, as of this album ending up with Jaz Coleman – vocals/keys, Kevin Walker – guitar, Martin Glover – bass, Paul Ferguson – drums and Reza Uhdin – keys. With such a massive discography of critically praised albums and working successfully as a band for 37 years, evolving their style throughout it isnt surprising that such popular bands as Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden cite Killing Joke as influences to their music. Killing Joke now add to their catalogue with 2015s ‘Pylon’.

‘Pylon’ starts fast and intense with the intro track ‘Autonomous Zone’ and doesn’t let up throughout the rest of the album. To deliver this feeling there includes aggressive overdriven riffs, high tempo drum beats focusing often on the floor tom to create a lower/darker tone and numerous repetitive NIN synth sounds to further portray that tense/dark style. Lead singer Jaz’s vocals have still kept their morrisey drone, but sped up in delivery a little more to match the heavier sound  Killing Joke have developed over the years, suiting very well on the song ‘Euphoria’. Killing Joke have always been a band to display some type of message in their music, rather than putting out albums for the sake of it. ‘Pylon’ certainly follows this same vein of social commentary, mainly focusing on war and politics, particularly in the aggressive and relevant tracks ‘New Cold War’ and ‘War on Freedom’. Production is pretty good, as mentioned focusing on a heavier sound, really putting forward those heavier guitars and drums, but still keeping the clean polish of Killing Joke beginnings in New Wave.

‘Pylon’ is another poignant addition to Killing Jokes catalogue, a band that never seem to put out a pointless album. It’s great to see a band grow and evolve so much over such a long career and still feel relevant.


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