Review #126: City and Colour – If I Should Go Before You

Artist – City and Colour
Album – If I Should Go Before You (2015)

Check it out –

City and Colour is the solo/side project of Alexisonfire vocalist/guitarist Dallas Green. Dallas began writing for this project whilst still with Alexisonfire and released a bit of material online, eventually releasing his debut album ‘Sometimes’ in 2005. After a few more well received albums Dallas left Alexisonfire to focus on City and Colour, enabling him to tour with such notable artists as Biffy Clyro. Currently City and Colour have 4 studio albums and 11 live albums released, now adding to that with the most recent release ‘If I Should Go Before You’.

‘If I Should Go Before You’ starts with a rather haunting track in tone ‘Woman’, featuring long synth drones and Green’s vocals smothered in reverb, also a particularly long track for Dallas at around 9 minutes. This is an interested and refreshing start to Green’s new album, as he usually focuses on the country/folk/acoustic style. Saying that however the album does quickly shift back into City and Colours usual territory, featuring Green’s signature vocal tone/delivery, acoustic guitar, shuffling acoustic drums and electric slide guitar. Dallas Green’s vocals have always been one of my favourite in the metal scene when with Alexisonfire, a perfect contrast to the screaming vocals of George Pettit, but there seems to be no loss in quality without that contrast in his solo work. Seamlessly Green’s delivery and fluctuation of certain syllables works perfectly with the sadness and joy of country music, especially working well on this album with the slide guitar melodies. I’m not 100% on whether this has the “catchiness” of previous records, as the most listened to song currently is the aforementioned ‘Women’, a song I felt was a contrast to the album and more experimental that memorable, however it is my personal favourite.

‘If I Should Go Before You’ carries on Dallas Green’s progression as a solo songwriter, further incorporating an actual band and delving into that country vibe that he’d experimented within previous records. Great album, definitely worth a listen.


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