Review #124: JME – Integrity>

Artist – JME
Album – Integrity> (2015)

Check it out –

JME (Jamie Adenuga) is an MC/Grime artist from North London, UK. JME released his debut album in ‘Famous?’ in 2008 and from there began growing his fanbase to the point that he became one of the first unsigned artists to headline the London Astoria. As well as a musician JME has become quite a productive business man, owning a nightclub in London, his own clothing label, the record label ‘Uptown Records’ and co-founding with fellow artist/brother Skepta ‘Boy Better Know’, a group of other prolific Grime artists like Wiley, Shorty and Frisco. Now after the success of ‘Famous?’ and his second album ‘Blam!’ JME is ready to release the follow up ‘Integrity>’.

‘Integrity>’ follows in the same vein as JME’s previous work on ‘Famous?’ and ‘Blam!’, but as a slightly more polished product. JME as expected enlists his fellow Boy Better Know members to feature on a few tracks, Skepta & Frisco on ‘Amen’, Wiley on ‘The Money’ etc, all of them adding a unique tone/delivery/style to the track, sounding like a collaboration of mates, rather than a soulless paid for guest feature. As mentioned the entire album sounds far more polished production wise than JME’s previous albums. The production of ‘Integrity>’ is still done by JME himself and fellow artists Joker, Deeco etc, but the time they have had to finish this album (5 years) is far more than the 2 years of JME’s previous, obviously showing that they’ve developed their production in this time. In particular the vocals on each track sound far clearer and have a warmer tone, whilst the general mix of all instrumentation feels more even (volume wise) and wider in space. JME’s vocals are as aggressive as ever, basing mainly on his area and his crew, the gym, confrontations etc … the same as previous records really, but with 5 years more experience in the music industry and what that brings. My particular favourite track would have to be ’96 F**Kries’.

‘Integrity>’ isn’t a massive change in style from JME’s previous work, but it is what we all want really, the same music but with a glossier finish.


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