Review #121: Ludovico Einaudi – Elements

Artist – Ludovico Einaudi
Album – Elements (2015)

Check it out –

Ludovico Einaudi is a pianist and composer from Turin, Italy. Einaudi began his musical career in the 80s, studying composition at the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan. Once finishing his study Ludovico began composing for TV and film, notably The Intouchables and I’m Still Here. As well as his own compositions specifically for film Ludovico has numerous piano/orchestral solo albums out, including I Giorni, In a Time Lapse and now Elements, these featuring songs such as ‘Nuvole Bianche’, which have also been used as licensed music in numerous TV shows and films.With a massive 12 albums, numerous scores and live recordings Ludovico shows no signs of stopping.

As with Ludovico’s most recent album releases, ‘Elements’ includes a mixture of orchestral instrumentation along with his piano playing. This orchestration is minimal, as is Einaudi’s piano playing in general, really just comprised of a small string section (violin, cello) and some percussive instruments. Having a small orchestra complements Ludovico’s simple but emotive melodies by creating deeper harmonies and pushing the dynamics of each peice. Ludovico’s work in general tends to have a connection to nature, in its sound and inspirational. Elements follows the trend of nature with its titles ‘elements’, ‘Mountains’ and ‘Whirling Winds’, its theme wherein Ludovico has written certain motifs to specific elements of nature, regurgitating these throughout each song and the album as a whole, creating the sense that it is a whole intricate piece of work. The album cover as well features nature predominantly in what looks like crudely drawn trees and rivers, however it also looks to me in the same style/vain as many graphic score, leading me to believe that maybe some of the music was written in conjunction with this piece of art.

‘Elements’ is another fantastic album by an artists that is suddenly gaining a lot of well deserved recognition. I loved his more solely based piano albums that featured more of his hit songs, however these new albums with added instrumentation sound more like an entire piece of work, rather than single songs, which is as great, if not better.


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