Review #118: Disclosure – Caracal

Artist – Disclosure
Album – Caracal (2015)

Check it out –

Disclosure are an electronic duo from Surrey, UK. The duo formed in 2010, releasing their first track ‘Offline Dexterity. Disclosure then and now consists of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, whom write, produce and perform their music. Disclosure released their debut album in 2013 featuring notable guest artists like Sam Smith and Eliza Doolittle. This album received critical praise due to its more innovative sound, compared to most electronic music around that time anyway, gaining it a nomination for best electronic album at the Grammys and a number one spot on the UK charts. Disclosure now follow ‘Settle’ with their sophomore album ‘Caracal’.

Disclosures new album ‘Caracal’, as with their debut, features a range of guest performances (some better than others), from current chart toppers like Sam Smith and Lorde to up and comers like Swabs and Lion Babe. The up and comers I feel do a far better job that some of the larger artists, incorporating more of their style, whereas miguel especially makes no impact at all on the track ‘good intentions’. It also feels like each track instrumentally relies too much on the vocalists to make it something different/special, as the music is too samey throughout. Gregory Porter’s jazz tone is definitely a highlight on the song ‘holding on’, being one of the only features to really suite its music and make a connection. As mentioned previously the music is pretty similar throughout, featuring simple beats focusing mainly on a pulsing bass drum and an off beat snare. The songs I would recommend would be ‘Holding On’ (for Gregory Porter’s performance) and maybe the single ‘Omen’ featuring Sam Smith, possibly the catchiest track.

With so much focus put on disclosure after their debut album there was this need for them to carry on and bring out an equally interesting follow up … unfortunately this hasn’t happened. Caracal is actually okay, but okay isn’t good enough for them.


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