Review #117: Avicii – Stories

Artist – Avicii
Album – Stories (2015)

Check it out –

Avicii (Tim Bergling) is a Swedish DJ/electronic dance producer (EDM). Avicii gained recognition in 2011 with his release of the song ‘Levels’, which lead to a few more runaway singles such as ‘Sunshine’ with David Guetta and ‘I Could Be The One’ with Nicky Romero. In 2013 Avicii released his debut album ‘True’ which featured numerous hit singles such as ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Hey Brother’. Due to this success Avicii has been included in DJ magazines Top 100 DJ’s twice. Avicii notes his influences as being similar artists like Daft Punk, Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta. This is Avicii’s second album ‘Stories’.

Due to the single power artists such as Avicii have with their music many of the songs off ‘Stories’ have been released already or featured in adverts, TV shows (geordie shore), therefore making stories feel very familiar from the first play through. As would be expected the entire album is basically club banger after club banger, following a formulaic structure of intros, build ups, choruses with catchy melodies and quiet moments before the next rise. Although the word formulaic may seem negative it in some cases can be okay, in Avicii’s music for instance. Most popular EDM isn’t trying to be creative or innovative, it is creating a mood/feeling within its listeners in certain venues/at certain moments and the writers of this genre have discovered the perfect structure to create this mood. Why change it if it works and makes them money? Well because money doesn’t motivate most artists, creativity/innovation does, and Stories doesn’t feature much of that … at all, which looses it a point or two. Production is obviously to a high quality, nothing much in the mids, but a low bass and shimmering highs for the melodies, perfectly produced for any club sound system. There aren’t any tracks that I can really call favourites, but I do recognise the catchiness of tracks like ‘The Nights’ and ‘Waiting For Love’.

Avicii has released another perfectly acceptable album for the EDM genre, it doesn’t particularly interest me, but i’m sure it will interest a massive audience, as has been shown with the rise in DJ fame.


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