Review #115: Parkway Drive – Ire

Artist – Parkway Drive
Album – Ire (2015)

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Parkway Drive are a metalcore band from Byron Bay, Australia. Formed in 2003 the band have had a few bass player changes, but since 2006 have stuck to the line-up of Winston McCall – vocals, Jeff Ling – guitar, Luke Kilpatrick – guitar, Jia O’conner – bass and Ben Gordon – drums. Parkway have gained such massive popularity due to their unique style and sound in the metalcore scene. Whereas most metalcore bands look pretty much the same, covered in tattoos, wearing black and display horror/gore orientated imagery, Parkway simply perform in shorts and a surf t-shirt half the time, including imagery off the sea/water/planet on the album artwork. Parkway currently have 5 albums out, including the newly released ‘Ire’.

All the elements we especially love Parkway Drive for over other metalcore bands are back, from the catchy chants repeated back by entire audiences at their gigs to the exotic clean intros/breaks/outros added into songs to diversify from the heaviness. Lead singer Winston’s vocals are as raw and powerful as any of his previous work, whether it be the screams or the clean vocals, however their is a deep vocal style used on the song ‘Writings On The Wall’ which just doesn’t sound good (not too sure if it’s even Winston). Although as a guitarist I was hoping for a few more “catchy” riffs, there is plenty to keep the listener interested, especially the increase of solos incorporated into some songs and the almost Djent sound they’ve experimented with in the song ‘Crushed’. It seems one of the most popular songs on this album is ‘Vice Grip’ and I’d have to agree that it is a personal favourite, with one of the more memorable chorus/lyric, however my pick for the best song on ‘Ire’ would be ‘Fractures’, simply due to the chanting which makes Parkway different.

Parkway Drive are a band that do what they want, dress how they want and write the music they want to write, all with love for the music and their audience, and it shows. ‘Ire’ is a continuation of fantastic albums from this band.


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