Review #113: TesseracT – Polaris

Artist – TesseracT
Album – Polaris (2015)

Check it out –

TesseracT are a progressive metal band from Milton Keynes, UK. The band formed in 2007 by guitarist and longest lasting member Acle Kahney. Tesseract quickly became known as one of the pioneering bands in the Djent scene/genre and an extremely precise/technical band. Tesseract have gone through a few line-up changing over the last 8 years, but as of this album they consist of Daniel Tompkins – vocals, Amos Williams – bass, Acle Kahney – guitar, Jay Postones – drums and James Monteith – guitar. Currently Tesseract have 1 live album, 2 E.Ps and 3 studio albums, including their most recent release ‘Polaris’.

In a genre which can often get a little too complex and pretentious for its own good, TesseracT has again managed to create a technically excellent groove focused album, with real dynamically engaging sections. Additional focus has also got to be put on returning lead singer Dan Tompkins, a TesseracT fan favourite. Dan’s incredible range, ability to sing harmoniously in the more atmospheric sections and then growl in the aggressive parts and his ability to sing within the complex rhythms the band create displays some incredible talent. This talent is used to full effect in ‘Polaris’, at times incorporating the rhythmical vocal style of singers such as Mike Patton (an incredible vocalist himself) and unleashing a falsetto which would make many a rock singer gasp. TesseracT have possibly one of the UK’s finest metal rhythm sections, always precise in the most odd of time signature, yet rather than sounding robotic their is still some groove to their riffs, especially in the intro track ‘Dystopia’. Personal favourites of mine from Polaris would have to be the songs ‘Utopia’ for its rhythmic vocal style and the aforementioned ‘Dystopia’.

Polaris is another fantastic album from TesseracT. Lyrically it’s not emotional or raw in anyway, but this style of music possibly does not require that, it require a collective of extremely talented musicians putting all their knowledge into creating complex, well written tracks.


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