Review #109: Motorhead – Bad Magic

Artist – Motorhead
Album – Bad Magic (2015)

Check it out –

Motorhead are a rock band from London, UK. The band consists of frontman Lemmy Kilmister – vocals/bass, Phil Campbell – guitar/vocals and Mikkey Dee – drums. Motorhead are widely known as being one of the frontrunners in the new wave of heavy metal, gaining popularity through numerous hit songs (especially Ace of Spades), their notoriously loud concerts and their legendary frontman Lemmy with his signature raspy vocal tone. Motorhead formed in 1975, so due to their long career they have accumulated a massive discography of 22 studio albums, which includes their most recent album ‘Bad Magic’.

Lemmy has faced numerous health problems in recent years and as of the 24th Dec 2015 he will be 70 years old … but truthfully he and the band haven’t decreased in energy and aggression since the early 80s, this album is as tight and passionate as many of those previous 21 albums. Bad Magic mixes the heavy metal Motorhead helped shape along with a fast punk vibe and rock n roll structures/rhythms. Lemmy’s vocals sound raspier than ever, and although this is kind of what we expect/want to hear, they do at times sound a little strained. His vocals sound a little less powerful at times as well, but I feel this is due to the production, lemmy’s vocal sound further back in the mix than the guitars in particular, over powering him. The basslines are simple but effective, the guitar riffs are rapid with some really classic rock solos, but the real highlight I feel are the drums, a real powerhouse performance from Mikkey incorporating some very precise and tasteful fills. Personal favourites of mine from this album would have to be ‘Fire Storm Hotel’ and ‘Victory or Die’.

Bad Magic is Motorhead … to put it at its simplest terms. There’s nothing really innovative or different, but who really wants that from Motorhead, they’ve paid their does, created a genre almost and now just want to give the fans what they want … fast and loud heavy metal.


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