Review #108: \m/ SLAYER \m/ – Repentless

Artist – Slayer
Album – Repentless (2015)

Check it out –

Slayer are a thrash-metal band from California, USA. That band formed in 1981 and rose to fame after the success of their classic album ‘Reign in Blood’. Slayer as of recent have become one of ‘The Big Four’, four thrash metal bands that changed the genre and arguably are the most popular bands of that scene, featuring Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. Slayer have been a controversial band over the years, incorporating topics such as satanism, anti-religion and nazism into their lyrics and artwork, however it cannot be argued how influential Slayer have been, having numerous bands/artists state them as an influence. Slayer have now released their 11th studio album ‘Repentless’.

With the passing of guitarist and founding member Jeff Hanneman just 2 years ago there was an expectation that there may be something missing from this latest album. Although i’m sure Jeff would have contributed a great deal more to ‘Repentless’, this album certainly isn’t lacking in material or that key Slayer tone/style/aggression. My one unsurity with this album starts right in the beginning with the intro track ‘Delusions of Saviour’. This intro track does set the tone kind of, but I do feel it could have been far larger in scale, heavier in tone and a little more complex, as it really just features the same riff and rhythm cycled over, adding a little more overdrive and wah pedal ever so often. From there on out it is a tour deforce of passionate vocal deliveries/lyrics (some paying tribute to Jeff), screaming guitar solos playing chaotically yet precise and whiplash inducing tempos set forth by the rhythm section. A personal favourite song would have to be the title track ‘Repentless’, which also includes a furious and violent video starring Danny Trejo.

Slayer have put out an album that shows not all of the old metal/thrash band are getting tired and stagnant. They’ve written music that not only shows they’ve still got it, but they’re doing it better still than many new bands. This is also a thoughtful tribute to a massive part of Slayers legacy.


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