Review #107: The Libertines – Anthems For Doomed Youth

Artist – The Libertines
Album – Anthems For Doomed Youth (2015)

Check it out –

The Libertines are a rock band from London, UK. The group mainly focuses on guitarists and vocalists Pete Doherty and Carl Barat, but also features drummer Gary Powell and bassist John Hassall. As well as being brilliant songwriters the band became infamous for their band disputes, especially between Pete and Carl, mainly focusing on the drug abuse of Pete Doherty and his connection with other famous individuals such as Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse. The Libertines split in 2004, formed separate bands ‘Babyshambles’ and ‘Dirty Pretty Things’, reunited in 2010 to play leeds/reading and then headlined leeds/reading in 2015 as well as releasing their 3rd album ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’.

After such a long time since the bands last album (12 years), so many disputes and an expectation that they wouldn’t have that old passion to incorporate into the lyrics (as many reunited bands display), I was a bit hesitant about this new release … but i needn’t worry. From the Beatleseque ‘Iceman’ to the soft ballad ‘You’re My Waterloo’ to the aggressive riff ridden ‘Fury of Chonburi’, there’s an eclectic mix of styles and genres spanning The libertines tastes and previous tones in their work. Carl and Pete’s lyrics are on top form, as well as the way in which they mix lines and take certain sections to create variety. Guitar wise I feel this is in line with their self-titled debut, including that broken chord style and a few really memorable melodies/riffs. Drums and bass are as tight as ever, Gary and John have always been a strong rhythm section, there to keep the main two in check and make them sound even better than they are already. My personal favourite tracks would have to be the aforementioned ‘Iceman’ and album titled ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’.

Anthems For Doomed Youth is a tremendous return for the band, exceeding expectations and cementing them as one of the best british indie/rock bands of recent years.


2 thoughts on “Review #107: The Libertines – Anthems For Doomed Youth

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