Review #106: Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit

Artist – Bring Me The Horizon
Album – That’s The Spirit (2015)

Check it out –

Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) are a metal/grindcore/emo etc band from Sheffield, UK. The band consists of members Oli Sykes – vocals, Lee Malia – guitar, Matt Kean – bass, Matt Nicholls – Drums and Jordan Fish – keys. Bring Me The Horizon began with a more deathcore sound during their Count Your Blessings (2006) and Suicide Season (2008) days, building a decent fan base comprised of a more younger audience. Since then the band seemed to have matured a bit, learning from some of the controversy and stupid things lead singer Oli Sykes brought upon the band, whilst also changing their sound, incorporating more synth and creating catchier rock type hits. BMTH now release their 5th studio album ‘That’s The Spirit’.

From vocal style to instrumentation to melodic/rhythmic structure to even artwork, Bring Me The Horizon have shifted significantly in their music. First showing its face in the last album ”Sempiternal’ and now more so in ‘That’s The Spirit’, Bring Me The Horizon are almost sounding like Linkin Park more than anything, especially vocally on the songs ‘What You Need’ and ‘Throne’. This shift in sound is certainly a good thing, something I feel more bands need to do, rather than become stagnant and boring. BMTH have incorporated a range of influences into this new release, as mentioned, nu-metal such as Linkin Park, but also some pop-harcore influences from bands like A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong, which showcases their attempts to increase their audience with catchier ‘Bangerz’ as Oli put it. Then tracks such as ‘Happy Song’ pop up which display something a little different, but mixed with their origins, especially that intro with the children chanting which leads into a particularly heavy riff in terms of the album. Drums are great and have really always been quite good in BMTH. Guitars and bass for the bands early style were always quite simple in comparison to their peers Converge etc, however I feel these simply but bouncy/catchy riffs/basslines fit perfectly with their new style. Oli Sykes vocals for me were a bit hit and miss, his voice fitting far better in the heavier parts of each song rather than the soft, sounding quite strained and leaving you wondering whether they’ll be performed well enough live.

I wasn’t a fan of early Bring Me The Horizon, but i have to admit, im warming to the stuff as of recent, it shows progression in a band I thought would only ever write babies-first-metal and reach an o2 Academy at the highest … now people are calling for them to headline Leeds/Reading Festival!! That’s The Spirit is a very good album.


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